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Function Description

Returns the ‘base’ value from an input (string) expression that involves a measurement together with a bracketed term (and possibly an exponent), e.g. applying this to 1.345(34)e-12 or 1.345(34)E-12 should return 1.345 x 10^(-12), whilst 1.345(34) or 1.345 should return 1.345. All space spaces in the input string are ignored (it is conventional in some contexts to write, say, 1.345674 as 1.345 674). Please bear in mind that for this type of function the Nematrian website only accepts decimal delimiters in the form of a full stop, i.e. ‘.’ and only accepts integral exponents.


As with all other Nematrian floating point functions, accuracy is limited to the machine accuracy of the Nematrian servers.


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