Types of functions included in the Nematrian Function Library

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The Nematrian function library currently includes functions covering the following topics. To view a list of functions in each category please follow the relevant hyperlink.


-          Calculator-type computations (e.g. ones you might find on a pocket calculator)

-          Cash-flow projections (including ones for carrying out pension fund cash flow projections)

-          Charting (e.g. plotting functions or statistical distributions)

-          Code generation (to help users manipulate the Nematrian function library)

-          Complex numbers (akin to Calculator-type functions but accepting complex number inputs)

-          Dates (to manipulate dates and times)

-          Derivative pricing (e.g. to calculate Black-Scholes option pricing greeks)

-          Expression evaluation (i.e. allowing calculation of complicated expressions)

-          Finance (akin to those available through spreadsheets)

-          General / miscellaneous (functions not currently categorised elsewhere)

-          Life insurance (e.g. valuation of insurance exposures dependent on mortality rates)

-          Markov processes (e.g. estimating them, simulating them or analysing their ergodic properties)

-          Mathematical puzzles (e.g. solving Sudoku puzzles)

-          Matrices (e.g. manipulating matrices and solving associated sets of linear equations)

-          Performance measurement (including functions for manipulating peer group performance data)

-          Portfolio optimisation (including efficient frontier derivation and reverse optimisation)

-          Probability distributions (a comprehensive suite of functions for estimating and manipulating a wide range of statistical probability distributions)

-          Risk management functions (some more specific risk management functions not otherwise classified elsewhere)

-          Set manipulation (e.g. counting and deriving unions and intersections of sets)

-          Solvency II (e.g. for calculating elements of its Standard Formula Solvency Capital Requirement)

-          Sorting (sorting or identifying the order of different types of array)

-          Special functions (i.e. more sophisticated mathematical functions than are included in Calculator-type functions)

-          Statistics (a wide range of functions relevant to statistics not otherwise covered elsewhere, e.g. under Probability distributions functions)

-          Strings (for manipulating strings, e.g. replacing strings in other strings)

-          Tri-segmented Monte Carlo demonstrations (N.B. tri-segmented Monte Carlo is an approach for speeding up runtimes of simulation exercises)

-          Unit conversions (from e.g. SI units to other units used for physical measurement)


To see a complete list of functions currently available in the Nematrian Online Toolkit please go to Complete Function List.


The Nematrian function library also includes a range of bespoke tools designed to meet specific client needs. These functions are not publicly accessible.


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