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The Nematrian website gives you access to a wide range of on-line (‘cloud-based’) tools using the medium of web services. To see a complete list of tools it makes available please go to the list of types of Nematrian web services or complete list of functions. Making tools available in this way makes them accessible to any PC with internet access.


To maximise the usefulness of these tools, they can be accessed in multiple ways, including:


Interactively, focusing on a specific function


If you follow links to a specific function then one of the options available to you is to ‘interactively run the function’. This takes you to a form where you can see the result of applying the function to inputs you have entered into the form. To help you get started the page also includes an example.


Interactively, using the Nematrian expression evaluator


The Nematrian website’s expression evaluator is a general purpose on-line calculator into which you can put more complicated or compound formulae. For example, if you enter 2+3 it will recognise this as 5. Various conventions allow you to manipulate arrays and other more complicated expressions. Any of the individual functions referred to above can be accessed within the expression evaluator.


Embedded within hyperlinks


If you need to share your calculations with others then another helpful way of accessing the Nematrian function library is via hyperlinks that show the end answer of the calculation but embed within the hyperlink the inputs that generated that answer. Typically the results of using either individual function pages or the expression evaluator are returned to the user in the form of such hyperlinks such as the following:



Via spreadsheets


The Nematrian function library can also be accessed via spreadsheet systems. For those familiar with Microsoft Office, the way in which the library is accessed through this route is conceptually akin to use of built-in functions such as SUM or COUNT that can be entered directly into Microsoft Excel worksheet cells, or akin to the more sophisticated functions or subroutines that you can create using the ‘macro’ language that comes packaged with Excel, i.e. Microsoft Visual Basic for Applications. Names of Nematrian web functions accessed in this manner begin with “Mn”.


For example, the Nematrian function library includes a function Abs which returns the absolute value of a real number (i.e.  if  and  if ). To avoid confusion with Microsoft Excel’s own ABS function (which in this case Abs replicates), the Nematrian Abs function should be accessed using MnAbs(x) in the spreadsheet API. The page on the Nematrian website giving further details of this function is also called MnAbs. Note: when using the tool interactively or via an embedded hyperlink as above the Nematrian website will recognise either Abs(x) or MnAbs(x) interchangeably.


To make it easier for you to use of the library in this manner, each Nematrian function page contains a link to an example spreadsheet containing an example use of the function as well as example uses of other related functions. Any other function within the library can be accessed through the same spreadsheet, but the examples themselves are subdivided into smaller groups to make the process of illustrating related functions more manageable.


If you don’t like downloading spreadsheets with embedded macros then a step-by-step guide to creating a VBA module from scratch that permits access to the entire Nematrian function library is available here. Instructions on how to access the functions using the WEBSERVICE function built into Excel 2013 and later are available here.


Via more sophisticated programming environments


Information for software developers wanting to understand how to access Nematrian web functions through more sophisticated programming environments such as Visual Studio is set out here.


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