Help for using Nematrian web services interactively

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If an input is an array then enter value in delimited form and indicate the delimiter. A delimiter is a piece of text such as a “,” or a “;” that is placed between different entries in an input array.


If you leave the delimiter blank the website will assume that you are delimiting entries using tabs and/or carriage returns (or if no such characters are present with a comma, see MnParseStringIntoStringArray). If you paste one or more columns from Microsoft Excel into the relevant text box then this is the type of delimiter that is effectively contained in the text that you will be copying into the interactive input table.


If the output is an array then enter a piece of text that will be used to delimit individual output elements. If you leave this delimiter blank then the website will space out entries onto separate rows. If the output is two dimensional then it will usually provide a tabular output.


Please note that in numerical input commas may be ignored (so e.g. "1,2" may be recognised as 12 rather than throwing an error). Blank entries for Boolean, Double or Date input variables are by default converted to FALSE, 0 or Now.


If an input is an expression that you want the website to evaluate before using it as an input to this function then either check the box in the column "An expression input?". This allows you e.g. to insert 2+3 and for the website to recognise this as 5. Expression construction is explained further here.



Important notice


If you use any Nematrian web service either programmatically or interactively then you will be deemed to have agreed to the Nematrian website License Agreement.


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