Running functions interactively

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To run a function interactively, please enter suitable inputs into the boxes in the interactive table and then press one of the Calculate buttons. For some functions and/or parameters a delimiter may be requested (e.g. a comma, to separate array elements), see also here.


Press the View an example button to see example inputs.


If an input is an expression that you want the website to evaluate before using it as an input to this function then check the box in the column "An expression input?". For example, check this box if you want to insert as input 2+3 and you want the website to recognise this as 5. Expression construction is explained further here.


If you want to include a description of the calculation and/or a time stamp embedded within the answer then fill in the calculation description box and/or check the time stamp box. If you copy and paste the answer into a document then clicking on it will take you back to this page, pre-populated with the inputs you have entered and the calculation description / time stamp.

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