Nematrian Web Service VBA Code Generator and Example Excel spreadsheet

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To make it easy for you to use Nematrian web functions, especially in Excel, we have included within the website:


(a)    Examples of spreadsheets that are already pre-populated with relevant macros and with examples of how to access Nematrian web functions using Excel cell formulae. These examples work in a manner akin to Microsoft built-in functions such as SIN, PERCENTILE or STDEV). See web pages describing individual functions for further details.


(b)   An automated code generator that produces the VBA code used in (a) which you can insert into any standalone module in Microsoft Excel or other Microsoft Office components. Please remember to include a reference to a Microsoft XML library in the module in which you insert this VBA code. Please refer to how to access the web services through VBA for more details.






Users should not insert software or enable macros in spreadsheets generated by the website into their own programs or spreadsheets unless they understand what the software does and are sure that it will not damage or corrupt any of their existing work.


The Nematrian website takes no responsibility for losses arising from use of code sourced from the website.


Please bear in mind that it is possible that hackers may tamper with the Nematrian website and may introduce malicious code in the hope that you will run this code assuming that it will work as you expect. If you have any doubts about whether any automatically generated code contains such material then please do not use it.


Use of the Nematrian website and software obtained from it is subject to the terms and conditions of the Nematrian License Agreement.


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