Systemic Risk: A Practitioner’s Guide to Measurement, Management and Analysis

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This book, published in late Summer / Autumn 2017, provides readers with a wide-ranging practical guide to systemic risk in the financial system. It challenges the notion that systemic risk is exclusively about interconnectivities within the financial system, showing that past systemic risk crises have often involved a broader range of vulnerabilities.




It describes how regulators and governments are seeking to manage systemic risk, and how their concerns are driving change in regulatory and business environments across the financial sector. It sets out how firms and practitioners can effectively respond to these changes (covering topics such as data needs, quantification of risk exposures, management disciplines and skillset requirements etc.). The book highlights the sources and characteristics of systemic risk and the concentrations of exposures to this risk. It also links systemic risk with other risk disciplines including exploring how systemic risk ties in with liquidity risk and credit risk and how it interacts with central clearing, collateralisation and pricing of derivatives.


The book has been well received by some leading commentators, see here.


The intention is that errors the author becomes aware of that have crept into the book either before or as part of the publication process will be summarised here.


References listed in the book are available through the Nematrian reference library, see here for lists of references appearing in individual chapters or here for the reference library more generally.


Most of the Figures included in the book are copyright Nematrian Limited 2017 and have been reproduced with kind permission of Nematrian. Copies of these Figures are available here.


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