Nematrian SmartUtilities

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The Nematrian website provides some SmartUtilities designed to help you carry out a range of common activities. They share common characteristics:


-          Each allows you to enrich other more traditional website features. For example, SmartLinks allow you to create enriched versions of traditional hyperlinks.


-          Each is accessed via a hyperlink that takes you to an intermediate resource on the Nematrian website designed to help you in some way. For example, SmartCharts have the visual appearance of charts, but also incorporate hyperlinks that take you to relevant pages on the Nematrian website where you can typically create equivalent charts yourself or access other information deemed by its original creator to be relevant to the chart.


There are two main categories of SmartUtilities currently available, which we refer to as new-style SmartUtilities and old-style SmartUtilities.


New-style SmartUtilities


These in practice now include any output produced interactively using pages associated with the Nematrian function library or the Nematrian online calculator.


-          Charts. Graphical output produced interactively using either of the above is typically now returned back to the user in the form of a hyperlink that has the visual appearance of the desired chart but is actually a hyperlink back to the page used to create the relevant chart, prepopulated with  parameters used to do so.


-          Corresponding non-graphical output produced in the same sort of manner. The website also now typically returns simpler types of results such as numbers, arrays or text back to the user using a similar hyperlink approach.




A chart derived interactively using one of the functions in the Nematrian function library:




A numerical result:  = 1.87761805057501


Old-style SmartUtilities


These are only practically available to certain users.


-          SmartCharts. These involve a hyperlink in the form of an image, the image being the chart in question. The hyperlink takes the user to a page that can provide additional information about the chart, e.g. the data used to create the chart and information about the creator and why he or she thought it appropriate to create such a chart. The page also points users to how they can create similar charts using their own data, but does not specifically take them back to the page that they would use to do so.


-          SmartLinks. These are like traditional hyperlinks but also allow you to include information about yourself and about the target website (e.g. why you found the target website useful and for what).


-          SmartLists. These involve on-line lists of SmartLinks (e.g. a list of reference resources all relating to the same overall topic) or other types of SmartRecords.


-          SmartULists. These enable you to tailor who can view the contents of other types of SmartUtilities that you have created, a little like defining who are your ‘friends’ on a social network.


A brief explanation of how old-style SmartUtilities work is set out in How SmartUtilities work. Each is held in a common way on the Nematrian website, using Nematrian SmartRecords.








The new-style Smart Charting builds on the old-style SmartChart approach. If you examine the example old-style SmartChart illustrated above you will find that it involves a link to www.nematrian.com/SmartChart.aspx?c=xxx where the xxx is the SmartCode defining the SmartChart. When you now plot a chart using the Nematrian function library the website will return the result as a new-style Smart Chart but will also at the same time provide you with a SmartCode associated with the chart. This is also associated with a corresponding old-style SmartChart and some of the sub-parameters that can be included in the ChartFormat parameter used when creating a chart include ones only relevant to the old-style SmartChart rendering of such a chart. You can view the associated old-style SmartChart by going to www.nematrian.com/SmartChart.aspx?c=xxx, replacing xxx with the SmartCode in question.


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