Nematrian Old-Style SmartCharts

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Follow this link to create a new old-style SmartChart.


Charts created in, say, Microsoft Excel or other common graphics packages often need explanatory text to make sense. They can produce unwieldy material or poor quality graphics when they are copied and pasted into other documents or presentations.


Contrast this with a Nematrian SmartChart. A SmartChart is visually similar to what can be produced by other charting packages (with the added advantage of often copying better). However, users clicking on a SmartChart are taken to an intermediate page (hosted on the Nematrian website) containing additional information on the chart. if you are a user who has been granted the ability to do so, access to parts of this information, e.g. the underlying data series, can be restricted using SmartULists, you can include a brief commentary on the chart, e.g. explaining its background and why you think it is useful and you can also include a link to other resources, e.g. your own or your company’s website, on which you can post even more information. A SmartChart can therefore help users to understand better why you think the chart might help them.


An example SmartChart:




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