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As explained in the Software Introduction pages, you can currently access large parts of the Nematrian website free of charge, including many of its analytical tools. However, access to some parts or tools, particularly ones accessed through spreadsheets, may require you to obtain a temporary session-specific Session Id (which you can currently do by pressing a button at the top of the page used to access spreadsheets in the Nematrian spreadsheet library), or to log in and/or to enter into a subscription agreement. Session IDs allow the Nematrian website to keep track of your utilisation of its facilities.


Accessing the website via a browser


If you are only going to access the web-site directly via a browser then in practice you currently typically do not need to worry much about Session IDs. This is because the website currently typically automatically creates one for you in the background and then ‘remembers’ your Session ID as you navigate around its pages (if your browser has cookies enabled).


Accessing the website via its associated web services


Session IDs become more important if you are planning to make use of the website’s web services. This is typically how you access the Nematrian function library if you are doing so through a spreadsheet or a more complicated programming environment. Each time you programatically call one of the Nematrian web services you need to provide a current Session ID as well as the parameter values that the web service will use in its computations. If you are logged in to the site or you have obtained a temporary Session ID then your current Session ID will be shown in a box towards the top of the page referred to above, along with the number of CPU computation units still remaining for it and the number of minutes remaining before it will time out.


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