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References and other external resources for: HighResOptics4

Aharonov, Y., Albert, D.Z. and Vaidman, L. (1986)How the result of a measurement of a component of a spin one-half particle can turn out to be 100?
Born, M. and Wolf, E. (1980)Principles of Optics, 6th edition
Ito, T. and Okazaki, S. (2000)Pushing the limits of lithography
Kemp, M.H.D. (2001)Ultra-high resolution imaging devices
Kemp, M.H.D. (2003)Optical Imaging Device Design for Solar Powered Flight and Power Generation
Starling, D.J., Dixon, P.B., Jordan, A.N. and Howell, J.C. (2009)Optimizing the Signal to Noise Ratio of a Beam Deflection Measurement with Interferometric Weak Values
Steinberg, A.M. (2010)A light touch

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