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Whilst the main aim of the Nematrian website is to provide accessible software and/or to promote other services that Nematrian offers, it also contains pages and web service tools on other loosely related topics, including some relating to mathematical ‘recreations’ and some tests to help children revise for mathematics exams.


Currently, the only web function that the Nematrian website contains in this respect is a tool for solving Sudoku and Killer Sudoku puzzles, see MnSudokuSolve.


However, the aim is to expand this section of the website over time. Please contact us to let us know whether you think it is worthwhile us spending time developing solvers and puzzle creators for other somewhat similar types of puzzles including the following (the pages to which the links take you describe these games a little further):


-          Hashi

-          Hitori

-          Kakuro

-          Mosaic

-          Slitherlink


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