Mathematical Puzzles: Kakuro

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Kakuro, like Killer Sudoku, is similar to a crossword puzzle but using numbers. According to Batsford (2005), “Anyone who can add two numbers can solve these puzzles”.


As with Sudoku, cells are combined into groups, the sum of the group is given, and only digits 1 to 9 (with no digit repeated) are allowed as entries within each cell.


It is arguably simpler than Killer Sudoku because the groups are arranged in vertical and horizontal lines on a grid formed akin to a crossword puzzle (in Killer Sudoku, each cell is in four separate groups, three of which contain 9 elements).


Kakuro can be solved using the generic Nematrian Sudoku Solver algorithm, either via the website's Killer Sudoku page, or by directly accessing the corresponding web service provided by the Nematrian website.


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