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Other topics covered in the Software section of the Nematrian website include:


(a)    Expression evaluation: further information on Nematrian’s sophisticated online calculator and how it can be used to access the Nematrian function library


(b)   Web services (Introduction): an introduction to web services


(c)    Web services (Using in Excel/VBA): how to use web services (particularly ones accessing the Nematrian function library) through Excel/VBA


(d)   Web service code generator: how to create VBA code (or equivalent) that can be inserted into Excel (or other spreadsheet packages) to access the Nematrian function library through a spreadsheet front end


(e)   Web services (Using in more sophisticated programming environments): information as per (d) but for more sophisticated programming environments, such as Visual Studio


(f)     Nematrian web service functions (Frequently Asked Questions): further help for problems you may come across when using web services


(g)    Smart utilities, including an explanation of how charting is carried out by the Nematrian function library


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