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To complement its other business activities, Nematrian makes available through its website a wide range of accurate, efficient and well-documented online analytical tools. The website also contains extensive material on HTML, CSS and JavaScript.


Our software toolkit has the following characteristics:


Breadth and Depth


There are more than 700 functions already available in the Nematrian website toolkit. They include many financially orientated functions as well as a wide range of more generally applicable mathematical and statistical functions and tools, including tools for plotting results.


Easy accessibility


You can access the tools interactively, if this suits your needs best


Each function has an associated page on this website documenting what the function does and allowing you to run the function interactively, if you wish. You can also access all the functions using our online calculator (our “expression evaluation” tool), nesting function calls if you so wish.


As explained in the website introduction, interactive results are typically provided as hyperlinks that have embedded within them details of the underlying parameters used. For example the following graphical results obtained interactively using the Nematrian toolkit illustrate the chi-squared distribution. If you click on either chart it will take you to the page used to create that chart, pre-populated with the parameters used to do so.


[SmartChart]      [SmartChart]

Or, you can access the tools through spreadsheets (or more sophisticated programming environments), if you want to carry out more advanced manipulations.


To make it as easy as possible to use our toolkit in more advanced settings we provide example spreadsheets which illustrate sets of related tools, see here. The VBA code that these spreadsheets use to access the Nematrian website provides a full Application Programming Interface (API) for the toolkit. Similar approaches can be used to access the tools through many other more sophisticated programming environments.




We currently operate a tiered approach to usage. Anyone can use most of the tools interactively in moderation without charge, although tools accessed through the free of charge route may run more slowly than those that are accessed on a paid for basis. The more sophisticated tools (or ones consuming more than a certain amount of processor power) are available on a subscription basis. Please contact us for more details of our subscription arrangements including pricing.


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