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Nematrian provides value-added management consultancy and actuarial advice to financial organisations such as insurance companies, asset managers, pension funds and regulators. It also provides educational services to those working or aspiring to work in these sectors.


However, the Nematrian website has a different primary focus. Our website aims to provide you with a wide range of tools and resources, collectively marketed under the Nematrian Extensions brand, that complement and augment other services we offer.


Tools and resources we make available in this way include:


-          A very extensive library of mathematical and spreadsheet functions, mostly accessible free of charge, that cover a wide range of topics from simple calculator style functions to sophisticated tools for carrying out statistical analyses, complicated mathematical manipulations, risk management activities and derivative pricing. Full details are available in our Software Library. Essentially all the functions available via this library have also for your convenience been packaged into a series of example spreadsheets in our Spreadsheet Library.


-          For example, if you are interested in state-of-the-art tools allowing you to manipulate or fit a wide range of statistical distributions then please see our Statistical Distributions Toolkit.


-          Extensive resources and material on Enterprise Risk Management, including notes and lectures for students of risk management based around courses taught by Nematrian employees, see ERM Resources.


-          A wide and eclectic collection of other articles and research pieces, including some that leverage the tools mentioned above, see our Research Insights pages.


-          Tools such as our own site search and a custom internet search tool (to help you target searches elsewhere on the Internet) which are designed to help you find whatever you are looking for as quickly as possible.


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