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Nematrian develops intellectual property for its own use and for licensing to third parties. It also provides consulting and educational services primarily to financial organisations and to those working or aspiring to work in the financial sector. To complement these activities it makes available through its website:


Tutorials, software and other analytical tools


HTML / CSS / JavaScript Tutorial

MnPlotExpressions.aspx?pp=Embed&LinkDescription=Example&Param0=x*sin(x),cos(2*x)&Param1=x&Param2=-3&Param3=3&Param4=50&Param5=Illustrative+Chart&Param6=LegendDocking%3dTop+Height%3d200+Width%3d200 TriSegmentedMonteCarlo.aspx MnProbDistPlotPdfs.aspx?pp=Embed&LinkDescription=Example&Param0=chi-squared,inverse+gamma,normal&Param1=3,0,1,5,3,3&Param2=0.1&Param3=10.1&Param4=30&Param5=Probability+density+functions&Param6=LegendDocking%3dTop+Height%3d200+Width%3d200+SeriesType2%3dPoint GroupTesting.aspx MnPlotExpressions.aspx?pp=Embed&LinkDescription=Example&Param0=x%5e2*sin(x),x*cos(2*x)&Param1=x&Param2=-3&Param3=3&Param4=50&Param5=Illustrative+Chart&Param6=LegendDocking%3dTop+Height%3d200+Width%3d200 MnProbDistPlotQQ.aspx?pp=Embed&Param0=chi-squared&Param1=4&Param2=-4&Param3=4&Param4=40&Param5=Quantile-quantile+plot&Param6=LegendDocking%3dTop+Height%3d200+Width%3d190 MnProbDistPlotCdf.aspx?pp=Embed&Param0=power&Param1=1.2&Param2=0.01&Param3=0.99&Param4=40&Param5=Cumulative+distribution+function&Param6=LegendDocking%3dTop+Height%3d200+Width%3d200


Part of the Nematrian website concentrates on providing information on HTML, CSS and JavaScript, including many worked examples. The Nematrian website also has its own online function library which has around 700 functions and is currently free to use in moderation. You can access these functions using individual pages associated with each function, using a general purpose online calculator / expression evaluator or using spreadsheets or other more complicated programming environments. Results (e.g. the charts above or computations such as =3) are typically returned as hyperlinks containing the answers as well as details of the underlying parameters used, to aid checking.


Research insights and publications



The Nematrian website also has pages dedicated to providing educational and quantitative research insights, publications and other material on many topics including Enterprise Risk Management. Its founder, Malcolm Kemp, is a leading expert in risk and quantitative finance with over 30 years' experience in the financial services industry. It also has a searchable reference library of other authors’ material that Nematrian has found helpful in its own research activities. If you use its site search feature it will first list pages on its own website containing your search terms and then list abstracts and summaries of others’ research it has details of that also contain the relevant search terms.



... Thank you so much. Your web site helped me in so many ways ... The website is very well structured, with a good sense of logic and very systematically organised”. A.Z., Croatia



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