Nematrian’s Approach to and Policy on Intellectual Property

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Nematrian’s intellectual property


Nematrian develops intellectual property (IP) for its own use and for license to third parties. For example, it has IP (including in some cases patent applications) relating to:


(a)    Approaches for reducing runtimes (for a given level of accuracy) of simulation-based computations of portfolio value, value-at-risk and other similar portfolio-level metrics and of corresponding computations outside the financial arena (using tri-segmented Monte Carlo simulation).


(b)    Approaches for improving the efficiency of epidemiological testing (such as for Covid-19) using group testing.


(c)     Algorithms and copyrighted content made available through or embedded within its website.


If you are interested in licensing this intellectual property then please speak to your contact at Nematrian or email us at ContactUs@nematrian.com.*


Your intellectual property


If you believe that Nematrian is infringing your intellectual property (whether copyright, patents or trademarks etc.) then please contact us with your concerns. You may contact us electronically, see our Contact Us page, or by writing to:


The Intellectual Property Officer

Nematrian Limited

c/o Unit 24, Capital Business Centre

22 Carlton Road

South Croydon

Surrey CR2 0BS

United Kingdom


We will use our best endeavours to address your concerns once we are made aware of them. Please bear in mind that Nematrian has no control over the content of other people’s or organisations’ website.


We also take seriously data ownership rights. If you are concerned that a user of the Nematrian website is using the website in ways that infringe your intellectual property (or are objectionable to you in other ways) then please also contact us as above with your concerns.


Please note that Nematrian may have obligations to its users and others, e.g. arising from the Nematrian License Agreement and, in the absence of court instructions on what it should do, may need to weigh up these obligations against what you perceive to be your rights if it perceives them to be in conflict.


Please also see Nematrian’s Privacy Policy for details of Nematrian’s policy on personal information or other information it holds or may collect on its users, since by contacting us you may be providing personal information to us.



* Please see our Privacy Policy for information on how we use any personal information such as e-mail addresses that you might give us.


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