Extreme Events (book by Malcolm Kemp) – Charts sourced from Nematrian

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The book Extreme Events: Robust Portfolio Construction in the Presence of Fat Tails by Malcolm Kemp contains a range of charts to illustrate some of the topics it covers. The majority of these charts are sourced from and copyrighted by Nematrian.


For ease of reference, we include below links to pages referring to these charts. The pages to which these hyperlinks are linked generally include an image of the chart as copied from the Microsoft Excel spreadsheet in which the charts were originally created as well as a SmartChart equivalent that uses the Nematrian website’s online charting toolkit.


As the SmartChart often looks nicer in a web page it is shown first if it is available. Charts developed in Microsoft Excel do not always appear to copy well unless the spreadsheet itself is embedded within the document being viewed.


The SmartChart can be used as a template for creating similar charts using other datasets. If the copyright of the original chart is not held by Nematrian then the page only contains a SmartChart equivalent (if available).


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