Glossary of terms relating to Enterprise Risk Management

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The Nematrian website contains many tools and resources, including some relating to Enterprise Risk Management. As part of course material Nematrian has prepared for a university course in Enterprise Risk Management, Nematrian has developed a glossary of terms on this topic.


You can use this glossary in several different ways:


(1)     The Nematrian ERM glossary includes terms under the following headings:

(a)          Financial and Risk Management terms

(b)          Governance terms

(c)           Risk Categories

(d)          Additional technical terms helpful for ERM students

(e)          General financial terms helpful for ERM students

(f)           Terms specific to Basel II and Basel III

(g)          Terms specific to Solvency II


(2)    You can use the Nematrian website’s search facility to search for a definition of a specific term (and for occurrences of the term elsewhere on the Nematrian website).


The Nematrian website also contains a list of risk management acronyms, see here, and a risk measurement glossary particularly tailored towards asset management, see here.


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