Enterprise Risk Management (ERM)

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The Nematrian website contains extensive support material for students, lecturers and researchers on Enterprise Risk Management (‘ERM’) partly based on material used by its founder, Malcolm Kemp, when teaching courses on this topic at Imperial College Business School, London.


These resources include:


(1)    Abridged lecture slides covering most of the topics included in the CERA syllabus


(2)    A glossary of terms relating to ERM


(3)    Selected mathematical topics of the sort that might appear in more mathematically orientated exam or coursework questions


(4)    An extended book of formulae covering most mathematical areas relevant to risk management


For details of papers and presentations given by Nematrian staff on ERM topics please see the Nematrian Publications Library.


If you are particularly interested in the application of ERM to pension funds and their sponsors then please see Pages on Entity-Wide Risk Management for Pension Funds.



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