The Nematrian Function Library

Date Manipulation Functions

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The Nematrian function library includes a range of tools that provide common date manipulation functions as per a spreadsheet or programming language environment.


The web functions available include ones set out in the table below. To see a complete list of functions currently available in the Nematrian online toolkit please go to list of types of available functions or complete list of individual functions.



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Web functionShort description of function
MnDateAddReturns the result of adding a set number of time intervals to a date/time
MnDateAndTimeSerialReturns a date given separate inputs for year, month, day, hour, minute and second
MnDateDiffReturns the number of time intervals between two dates/times
MnDateDiffFullReturns the number of time intervals between two dates/times, potentially including weekly data
MnDatePartReturns the relevant time part of a date/time
MnDatePartFullReturns the relevant time part of a date/time, potentially including weekly data
MnDateSerialReturns a date given separate inputs for year, month and day
MnDateValueReturns a date given a single string input
MnDayReturns the day of a given date/time
MnHourReturns the hour of a given date/time
MnMinuteReturns the minute of a given date/time
MnMonthReturns the month of a given date/time
MnMonthNameEnglishReturns the (English) name of a given month, possibly abbreviated
MnNowReturns current date and time (of server)
MnSecondReturns the second of a given date/time
MnTimeOfDayReturns the current time of day (of server) as a Date value
MnTimerReturns the number of seconds that have elapsed since midnight (for the server)
MnTimeSerialReturns a time given separate inputs for hour, minute and second
MnTimeStringReturns a string representation of the current time (of the server)
MnTimeValueReturns the time represented by a given date/time in string representation, ignoring the date
MnTodayReturns current date (of server)
MnYearReturns the year of a given date/time

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