Financial stability (insurers and pension funds) [13]

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Bullet points include: Tool Type of tool proposed for further consideration. Enhanced reporting and monitoring. Leverage ratio. Capital and reserving-based. Enhanced monitoring against market-wide under-reserving. Capital and reserving-based. Additional reporting on liquidity risk (*) Liquidity-based. Liquidity risk ratios. Liquidity-based. Enhancement of Prudent Person Principle (PPP) (*) Exposure-based. Enhancement of own risk and solvency assessment (ORSA) (*) Exposure-based. Recovery plans (*) Pre-emptive planning. Resolution plans (*) Pre-emptive planning. Systemic Risk Management Plans (SRMP) (*) Pre-emptive planning. Liquidity Risk Management Plans (LRMP) (*) Pre-emptive planning. Intervention powers. Capital surcharge for systemic risk. Liquidity-based. Temporary freeze on redemption rights. Liquidity-based. Concentration thresholds. Exposure-based. Source: EIOPA (2019) Systemic Risk and Macroprudential Policy in Insurance (adapted). (*) tools referred to in EU Commission call for advice on 2020 Review of Solvency II

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