Case Study: Solvency II Reporting

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An asset manager client needed advice on the best way to provide Solvency II reporting services to its insurance company clients. Its own clients ranged from large insurers employing multiple asset managers (and with their own extensive teams focusing on Solvency II implementation) through to small insurers who employed a single asset manager (and who would be relying on their asset manager to deliver as much as possible of their Solvency II reporting requirements).


During this assignment Nematrian:


(a)    Summarised the likely impacts of Solvency II and of its reporting requirements on the asset manager and on its different types of client.


(b)   Helped the asset manager to decide what its strategy towards Solvency II reporting should be.


(c)    Proposed IT solutions or approaches that could be used to deliver relevant client reports.


(d)   Highlighted refinements to the asset manager’s data architecture and processes that would be needed for efficient delivery of Solvency II reporting to its clients.


If you want help formulating your approach to Solvency II reporting needs then please contact Malcolm Kemp at SolvencyII@nematrian.com.



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There is a reasonable amount of material and analytical tools relating to Solvency II in the Nematrian Extensions part of the Nematrian website, see Introduction to Solvency II and Nematrian Solvency II online functions.


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