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Nematrian provides actuarial consultancy services to a range of client types, see Introduction – Consultancy. In due course we intend to make more generally available via the Nematrian website some of the algorithms that we ourselves use for such purposes.


Some of the Nematrian web functions already available that may be directly or peripherally relevant to actuaries are set out in the Life Insurance Functions and Solvency II Functions pages


Some of the material available in the Nematrian Publication Library is also particularly designed to be relevant to actuaries.


In the meantime, if you need help with an actuarial problem then please speak to your usual contact at Nematrian.




Please note that no web functions currently publicly available through the Nematrian website are classified by Nematrian as being explicitly ‘actuarial’ in nature. For example, they do not necessarily adhere to relevant model standards imposed on actuarial work by the UK’s Board for Actuarial Standards. If you are seeking access to models that do explicitly adhere to these standards then please speak to your usual contact at Nematrian. Usage of the Nematrian website is subject to to the terms of the Nematrian License Agreement.

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