About Nematrian

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Nematrian develops and manages intellectual property and provides actuarial and management consultancy services to the financial services sector. These leverage latest developments in quantitative finance, actuarial and mathematical thinking. To complement these services, the Nematrian website provides:


-          Online software tools that you can apply to your own situation

-          Research pieces and insights to help you understand better current issues and recent developments in quantitative and actuarial thinking


We have tried to design our software tools to be as helpful as possible to you. For example:


-          You can access them interactively using forms on this website

-          Or you can include them in Microsoft Excel spreadsheets, or in more sophisticated programming environments, if you plan to repeat your analyses many times

-          Currently, these tools are free to use in moderation

-          The tools run on Nematrian servers freeing up resources on your PC or smartphone.


Brief biographical details on Nematrian’s founder are available here.


For details of Nematrian’s registered office and company number, see Nematrian company details.

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