The Nematrian Function Library: Example Spreadsheets

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To download a spreadsheet that illustrates a range of functions then please press the relevant button. Those with underlying macros are typically set up so that when users download the spreadsheet from the website they have immediate access to the online function library (for suitably chosen browsers) within the spreadsheet. Those without macros typically illustrate how to access the same set of functions using just the WEBSERVICE() function within Excel. The xla contains just the underlying macros.


To access spreadsheets that illustrate other functions go to the relevant function page or to the relevant example spreadsheet page. To view the underlying VBA code used to access the Nematrian function library see here.



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The Nematrian online function library: PlottingAndSmartUtilities

Download spreadsheet illustrating functions that streamline creation of some types of more complicated charts or other SmartUtilities

Spreadsheet system
With underlying macros
Without macros
Add-in or equivalent
Excel 2007+
Excel 2003

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