ORSA vs ORA [6]

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Bullet points include: Recital (3). This Directive is aimed at minimum harmonisation and therefore should not preclude Member States from maintaining or introducing further provisions in order to protect members and beneficiaries of occupational pension schemes, provided that such provisions are consistent with Member States' obligations under Union law. This Directive does not concern issues of national social, labour, tax or contract law, or the adequacy of pension provision in Member States. Recital (77). “The further development at Union level of solvency models, such as the holistic balance sheet (HBS), is not realistic in practical terms and not effective in terms of costs and benefits, particularly given the diversity of IORPs within and across Member States. No quantitative capital requirements, such as Solvency II or HBS models derived therefrom, should therefore be developed at the Union level with regard to IORPs, as they could potentially decrease the willingness of employers to provide occupational pension schemes”

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