Conduct Risk and Financial Stability [12]

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Bullet points include: Paper (and presentation) to last year’s RiskMinds Forum proposed that current financial service regulatory developments have three main strands: Systemic risk. Places focus on macro-prudential tools, resolvability etc. Short and medium term. E.g. most of EMIR, Dodd-Frank, SIFIs, resolvability etc. Interconnectivity and substitutability. Highlights similarities between different sorts of financial institution. Medium term. E.g. Classification of non-bank non-insurer (NBNI) SIFIs. International insurance capital standard (ICS). A focus on societal ‘fairness’. Responds to changing societal norms and technological developments. Short, medium and long term. E.g. Disintermediation by technology firms. Business model impact of proprietary trading bans, CCPs etc.

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