Analysis of extreme events [5]

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Bullet points include: E.g. ones recognised by relevant Nematrian web functions*** include: Continuous: Beta*, Beta prime*, Burr*, Cauchy, Chi-Squared*, Dagum*, Exponential*, F*, Fatigue*, Frechet**, Gamma*, Generalised Extreme Value (GEV), Generalised Gamma*, Generalised Pareto, Gumbel**, Hyperbolic Secant, Inverse Gamma*, Inverse Gaussian*, Kumaraswamy*, Laplace, Levy*, Logistic, Log-logistic*, Lognormal*, Log-Pearson 3, Nakagami*, Non-central t*, Normal, Pareto*, Power*, Rayleigh*, Reciprocal, Student's t*, Triangular, Uniform, Weibull** Discrete: Bernouilli**, Binomial,, Geometric**, Hypergeometric, Logarithmic, Negative Binomial, Poisson, Uniform (discrete) * Also variants that include additional shift and/or scale parameters, ** Special cases of other distributions, *** see www.nematrian.com/ProbabilityDistributionsFunctions.aspx, www.nematrian.com/ProbabilityDistributionsIntro.aspx and www.nematrian.com/WebServiceExampleSpreadsheets.aspx?s=ProbabilityDistributions. Similar distributions / functionality available (at typically greater cost) via e.g. Mathwave EasyFit or Mathworks (i.e. Matlab)

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