ERM for pension funds and their sponsors: The Wider Context

This presentation (for a pension fund actuarial audience) covers ERM: what is it and why the current interest, enhancing pension scheme modelling and enhancing pension scheme governance.

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1ERM - The wider context
3Definition of ERM (1)
4Definition of ERM (2), from Kemp and Patel (2011)
5ERM versus other types of Risk Management
6Why the current interest?
7Three pillar structure of modern international regulatory frameworks
8Entity-wide Risk Management for Pension Funds
9Clarity / transparency and coverage
10Some say: ERM is for insurance, not pensions
12Enhancing pension scheme modelling
13Model Example (1)
14Model Example (2)
15Numerical and graphical presentations
16Model Example (3)
18Characteristics of successful ERM frameworks
19Typical ERM framework - large financial
20Typical ERM framework - non-financial firm
21Governance challenges for pension funds include
23Important Information

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