Foundation ERM Session 9: Other risks

This presentation is based on a part of an academic course on Enterprise Risk Management (ERM) titled ‘Other risks’ and covers topics such as: strategic, business and political risk, counterparty (including reinsurance credit) risk, sovereign risk, accounting risk, reputational risk, insurance risk, demographic, pension and healthcare risk, contagion and group risk

1Session 9: Other risks
2Session 9: Other risks
3Strategic, business and political risk (1)
4Strategic, business and political risk (2)
5Political risk
6Session 9: Other risks
7Counterparty (including reinsurance credit) risk
8Reinsurance credit risk
9Counterparty risk - Solvency II Standard Formula SCR
10Session 9: Other risks
11Sovereign risk (1)
12Sovereign risk (2)
13Sovereign risk (3)
14Sovereign risk (4)
15Session 9: Other risks
16Accounting risk
17Session 9: Other risks
18Reputational risk
19Session 9: Other risks
20Insurance risk (1)
21Insurance risk (2)
22Session 9: Other risks
23Demographic, pension and healthcare risk
24ERM for Pension Funds, see Kemp and Patel (2011)
25Main conclusions of paper
26Clarity / transparency and coverage
27Enhancing pension scheme modelling
28Model Example (1)
29Model Example (2)
30Numerical and graphical presentations
31Model Example (3)
32Governance challenges for pension funds include
33Session 9: Other risks
34Group risk
35Contagion risk (1)
36Contagion risk (2)
37Important Information

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