Nematrian Custom Internet Search: List of available searches

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As explained in its main introduction, the Nematrian website contains a wide range of material to help you understand the latest developments in quantitative finance and actuarial and mathematical thinking. However, it is still only a very small fraction of the information available from other sources through the internet.


One practical challenge that people searching the internet now face is the sheer volume of material available through it and the difficulty of sifting the many pages of links that can be returned by all but the most well-crafted internet searches. To help address this challenge, Nematrian has created a range of search tools that target selected pre-defined sets of associated websites. Links to the tools are listed in the first column of the table below. In the second column are links to pages indicating exactly which websites are targeted by the relevant tool.


Please contact us if you believe that any of these links are no longer work or need updating.


The following custom searches may be relevant for page: All Pages

Available Custom Internet Search ToolsWebsites Targeted by Tool
Actuarial: Groupe Consultatif Membershere
Actuarial: International Actuarial Association (IAA) Membershere
Actuarial: UK bodies (including BAS and SIAS)here
Actuarial: UK (Institute and Faculty)here
Actuarial: US bodies (including ASB)here
CERA (Chartered Enterprise Risk Actuary)here
Nematrian website (using Google)here
Regulators: EU Ins and Pens: Allhere
Regulators: EU Ins and Pens: DE and EUhere
Regulators: EU Ins and Pens: DK and EUhere
Regulators: EU Ins and Pens: ES and EUhere
Regulators: EU Ins and Pens: FR and EUhere
Regulators: EU Ins and Pens: IT and EUhere
Regulators: EU Ins and Pens: NL and EUhere
Regulators: EU Ins and Pens: UK and EUhere
Reference sites: Sites similar to Wikipediahere
Reference sites: Wikipedia (English)here
Risk software suppliers: selected vendorshere
Universities (UK)here
Universities (UK), Russell Grouphere
Universities (UK): Cambridge Universityhere
Universities (UK): Durham Universityhere
Universities (UK): Imperial College Londonhere
Universities (UK): Oxford Universityhere
CFA Institute and associated bodieshere
Miscellaneous Risk Management Bodieshere
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