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Actuarial: International Actuarial Association (IAA) Members

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This search includes pages from the following websites (if they have been indexed by Google):

International Actuarial Association (Worldwide)
Groupe Consultatif (European)
Caribbean Actuarial Association (Caribbean)
Consejo Profesional de Ciencias Económicas de la Ciudad Autónoma de Buenos Aires (Argentina)
Institute of Actuaries of Australia (Australia)
Aktuarvereinigung Österreichs (AVÖ) (Austria)
Institut des Actuaires en Belgique (Belgique)
Aktuarsko Drustvo U Bosni I Hercegovini (Bosnia and Herzegovina)
Instituto Brasileiro de Atuária (IBA) (Brazil)
Bulgarian Actuarial Society (Bulgaria)
Canadian Institute of Actuaries/Institut Canadien des Actuaires (Canada)
China Association of Actuaries (China)
Actuarial Institute of Chinese Taipei (Chinese Taipei)
Hrvatsko Aktuarsko Drustvo (Croatia)
Cyprus Association of Actuaries (Cyprus)
Ceská Spolecnost Aktuárù (Czech Republic)
Den Danske Aktuarforening (Denmark)
Eesti Aktuaaride Liit (Estonia)
Suomen Aktuaariyhdistys (Finland)
Institut des Actuaires (France)
Deutsche Aktuarvereinigung e. V. (DAV) (Germany)
Hellenic Actuarial Society (Greece)
Actuarial Society of Hong Kong (Hong Kong)
Magyar Aktuárius Társaság (Hungary)
Félag Islenskra Tryggingastærðfræðinga (Iceland)
Institute of Actuaries of India (India)
Persatuan Aktuaris Indonesia (Indonesia)
Society of Actuaries in Ireland (Ireland)
Israel Association of Actuaries (Israel)
Istituto Italiano degli Attuari (Italy)
Institute of Actuaries of Japan (Japan)
Japanese Society of Certified Pension Actuaries (Japan)
The Actuarial Society of Kenya (Kenya)
Latvijas Aktuaru Asociacija (Latvia)
Lietuvos Aktuariju Draugija (Lithuania)
Persatuan Aktuari Malaysia (Malaysia)
Colegio Nacional de Actuarios A. C. (Mexico)
Association Marocaine des Actuaires (Morocco)
Het Actuarieel Genootschap (Netherlands)
New Zealand Society of Actuaries (New Zealand)
Den Norske Aktuarforening (Norway)
Pakistan Society of Actuaries (Pakistan)
Actuarial Society of the Philippines (Philippines)
Polskie Stowarzyszenie Aktuariuszy (Poland)
Instituto dos Actuários Portugueses (Portugal)
Russian Guild of Actuaries (Russia)
Udruženje Aktuara Srbije (Serbia)
Singapore Actuarial Society (Singapore)
Slovenska Spolocnost Aktuarov (Slovakia)
Slovensko Aktuarsko Drustvo (Slovenia)
Actuarial Society of South Africa (South Africa)
Col.legi d'Actuaris de Catalunya (Spain)
Instituto de Actuarios Españoles (Spain)
Svenska Aktuarieföreningen (Sweden)
Association Suisse des Actuaires (Switzerland)
Society of Actuaries of Thailand (Thailand)
Institute and Faculty of Actuaries (United Kingdom)
American Academy of Actuaries (United States)
American Society of Pension Professionals & Actuaries (United States)
Casualty Actuarial Society (United States)
Conference of Consulting Actuaries (United States)
Society of Actuaries (United States)
Institut des Actuaires de Côte d'Ivoire (Côte D`Ivoire)
Egyptian Society of Actuaries (Egypt)
Lebanese Association of Actuaries (Lebanon)
Academia de Actuarios de Puerto Rico (Puerto Rico)
Actuarial Society of Armenia (Armenia, Associate Member)
Actuarial Association of Azerbaijan (Azerbaijan, Associate Member)
Actuarial Society of Bangladesh (Bangladesh, Associate Member)
Instituto de Actuarios Matemáticos de Chile (Chile, Associate Member)
Asociación Colombiana de Actuarios (Colombia, Associate Member)
Actuarial Society of Ghana (Ghana, Associate Member)
Actuarial Society of Kazakhstan (Kazakhstan, Associate Member)
Association Luxembourgeoise des Actuaires (Luxembourg, Associate Member)
Asociacion Mexicana de Actuarios, A.C. (Mexico, Associate Member)
Asociatia de Actuariat Din Moldova (Moldova, Associate Member)
Asociatia Romana de Actuariat (Romania, Associate Member)
Institute of Actuaries of Korea (South Korea, Associate Member)
Actuarial Association of Sri Lanka (Sri Lanka, Associate Member)
Actuarial Society of Turkey (Turkey, Associate Member)
Society of Actuaries of Ukraine (Ukraine, Associate Member)
Instituto Actuarial Argentino (Argentina, Associate Member)
Association des Actuaires Beninois (Benin, Associate Member)
Institute of Actuaries - Cameroon (Cameroon, Associate Member)
Association of Actuaries and Financial Analysts (Georgia)
Macedonian Actuarial Association (Macedonia, Associate Member)
The Society of Actuaries of Mongolia (Mongolia, Associate Member)
Nigeria Actuarial Society (Nigeria, Associate Member)
Asociación de Actuarios de Panamá (Panama, Associate Member)
Actuarial Society of Tanzania (Tanzania, Associate Member)
Channel Islands Actuarial Association (United Kingdom, Associate Member)
Actuarial Society of Zimbabwe (Zimbabwe, Associate Member)
International Accounting Standards Board (IASB, Institutional Member)
International Association of Insurance Supervisors (IAIS, Institutional Member)
International Organization of Pension Supervisors (IOPS, Institutional Member)
International Social Security Association (ISSA, Institutional Member)
Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD, Institutional Member)
Asian Development Bank (ADB, Observer Member)

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